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Let me tell you a secret. Women want you. Whether you are already a pick-up king whoís reading
this book to hone your skills, or a shy man who hasnít had much luck with girls, you can be taught to
communicate with women effectively, and get more dates that you can handle.
First, letís think about what women want.
Women want to be desired and admired, but not leeched over. They want to believe that you want
their brains as well as their bodies. Youíll see later on in this book that this is why lame chat up lines
NEVER work.
Girls are romantic. We all want to meet that special person. But letís face it, while we are waiting for
that special person, we still want to have some fun with some guys along the way.
It doesnít matter whether you are overweight, have a poorly paid job, or arenít the worldís best
looking guy. Women arenít shallow. They can see past these things. That is why if you are genuine, and
know how to talk to girls; there are women all over your town who want to date you, sleep with you,
maybe even marry you.
By following the advice and steps laid out in the book, you really can learn how to get any girl.
We will begin by looking closely at your presentation. Are you presenting yourself in the best possible
light? Turning to your communication techniques, we will build your confidence and help you conquer
your fear of rejection. Weíll then examine the pros and cons of some common hunting grounds.
Next, after interpreting body language, small talk and pick-up lines, we will look at how to convert
a casual acquaintance into a girlfriend. Thatís when things will hot up, and weíll graduate to the
bedroom. After all, that is the end game.

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